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Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce

Corona Virus Precaution:

Attention Clients:

In light of the Corona Virus and any concerns thereof; in the best interest of my Clients, my family and I, for ALL of our health and safety; 

I have made the decision that ALL Client Meetings and interactions will now be by Skype ONLY.

If you do Not know how to use Skype, or install it, call me by Phone and I will instruct on how to upload and install.

Fees will be $100.00/hour, across the board. 

This can be paid by PayPal.

See my Contact Page for Links to both Skype and PayPal.

Hi. I am Melissa Bryan, the "Outlaw


I am Genetically Psychic Medium, with Roots in Shaman/Druid/Wicca/Gypsy faiths.

I have abilities that fascinate some and frightens others.

I have up to (not exceeding) 90% accuracy.

I love what I do/my Work and I love working with my Clients and Spirit.

My work centers on my Clients and Spirit and also helping my family pay the bills.

Want to know more about me?

Read on...

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